Why You Need One

How can you position your online presence to be functional and inclusive, connecting with users across all devices (desktop, tablets, and smartphones)?

The answer: Build or Convert to a Responsive Website

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Now, did you know which group of Americans owns more smartphones, goes online more from a mobile device and uses social networking sites?

The answer: Latino internet users are more likely than other groups to go online using a mobile device—76% versus 60%. Source: a “Pew Research Center” study – check here.

Where does this take us?

Website design and mobile are two of the fastest changing technologies in digital marketing, besides search engine optimization. As the world becomes increasingly more mobile and interconnected, people are becoming smarter in researching for solutions before making any decisions. Your business’ websites need to be responsive to stay up to date, especially if you are including Latinos in your outreach marketing efforts .

To give some perspective now, take a minute and imagine any of these three possible scenarios:

  • You send a SMS text to a prospective clients with a short url encouraging to visit an article or infographic
  • You send an eblast using an email marketing platform such as icontact, constant contact or mailchimp
  • You are running AdWords campaigns targeting users across all devices

In all three cases, if your site is not built with responsive design technology, your mobile users may:

  • need to ‘pinch and zoom’ to read the website as they would need to do with a normal desktop website viewed on a mobile.
  • land on a mobile landing page with content different than the one they wanted to view and read, or even worse, they may land on a 404 page.

How is that good to your business and your relationship with your existing and prospective clients that are mobile users? The answer: You know it…

Benefits of a Responsive Design Website

Read the benefits of a responsive design website and then contact us at 1-877-HMA-FITS (462-3487) to find out more about ways Hispanic Market Advisors℠ can help your business capitalize and leverage on responsive web design and mobile technologies.



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